Time allocation:
half a day
The seminar is designed for:
Everybody with basic knowledge of the Enneagram and with daily contact with people
  • You will be able to give quality feedback.
  • You will realize your type blind spots while getting your feedback (things you do not like to hear).
  • You will learn to work with feedback with respect to the type.
  • With the help of the Enneagram, you will get an overview of different styles of giving feedback and its acceptance.
  • You will describe what is typical for the particular type when giving feedback, how it affects others and what such process can cause.
  • You will also understand your individual type misrepresentations in receiving feedback, which means blind spots, and you will learn to understand their causes.
  • You will find your strengths and weaknesses in giving feedback and ways of developing it efficiently and effectively.
  • You will discover and understand your own development in giving and receiving feedback, and learn to work with it more specifically.
  • You will try different styles of approaching people.
  • You will gain practical experience with feedback in terms of sensitivity and perception of other types. You will eliminate mistakes and deficiencies when working with people and increase the success of the whole team this way!

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