Time allocation:
2 days
  • Understanding, and the path to becoming a great leader thanks to the leader’s natural personality.
  • Understanding others and their habits.
  • The possibilities and principles of working with other people.
  • Setting the path of one's own development.
  • Understanding the Enneagram Personality System (i.e. tools for developing emotional intelligence).
  • Rules for determining personality tendencies.
  • Personality tendencies and determining personality types.
  • System of internal habits.
  • Typical coping under stress and the direction of personality development.
  • Working with authentic recordings of interviews with representatives of various personality types.

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13.10. - 14.10.2020
Místo:Praha, Kolovratská 110/4
Lektor:Michaela Velechovská
Součást semináře:Vědomý leadership
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13.10. - 14.10.2020Vědomý leadershipPraha, Kolovratská 110/4Michaela Velechovská