Time allocation:
2 days
  • Understanding the role of a leader and different approaches to this role.
  • Techniques, the possibilities of working with one's own emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Understanding, and the possibilities of working with both one's own motivation and the motivation of others. How to not destroy the motivation of others.
  • Participants will learn to develop independence and accountability in their subordinates, and to effectively establish agreements.
  • The basic principles of emotional and social intelligence (EI) and its effect on one's ability to lead people and use one's own potential and the potential of others to fulfill a vision.
  • What creates problems in companies? Naming and evaluating these problems.
  • How does the terrain of emotion affect personality and behavior?
  • Key competencies of a leader, various theories of leadership.
  • Types and kinds of leadership, leadership as a way of creating an environment.
  • Motivation in the context of needs, how it affects job performance, environment and how to work with it. Principles to ensure that people are not demotivated.
  • Independence and accountability X the communication role of the "rescuer". Principles of establishing agreements as an effective way of supporting and developing independence and accountability, how to handle problematic key points.

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14.09. - 15.09.2023
Místo:Kolovratská 110/4, Praha
Lektor:Ing. Zuzana Kress
Součást semináře:Vědomý leadership
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14.09. - 15.09.2023Vědomý leadershipKolovratská 110/4, PrahaIng. Zuzana Kress