Ing. Zuzana Kress

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Lecturer, Coach

The lecturer’s main focus is the Enneagram, emotional intelligence and leadership. She uses her twenty years of management experience in many companies. She is interested in the practical impact on people’s work and personal lives.

" I have always been interested in people. The Enneagram happened to become my hobby years ago. Later it became necessity and later I made the decision to become a lecturer in order to inspire other people. I have been working in business and advertisement for twenty years and gradually I have realized that it is all about people, their emotions and perception of reality.
When working with people, I build on my many years of experience with leading teams, creating long-term partnerships and also on my experience from the business field. I connect all these aspects with emotional intelligence and the Enneagram. My goal for my work is to have impact and help people find their way to a real and fulfilled life, or to break out of the vicious circle.
We all play many roles in life. One of mine is to be a mother therefore I also see how the Enneagram and emotional intelligence can practically help us in building our relationships within our own families. The more mature and aware we are, the better we work, build relationships … simply the better we live our lives. All we have to do is to decide and set out on the path of self-knowledge and self-development.”

Zuzana Kress 


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