Tailored seminars


What does the solution looks like in practise?
Tailored solution is based on a mutual compliance of the company expectations (owner, management, HR) and possible solutions on the part of VEVA CZ.
Tailored seminars
Based on your request, we will prepare modifications of our open business seminars or a new seminar designed exactly according to your needs and expectations. Our proposal is preceded by an analysis of your needs then we will consult our proposal with you, modify it and set the measurement methods after the seminar and mutual feedback. Only then will we realize the seminar for you.
Long-term, "tailored" company systematic development program
If you decide for a long-term and systematic cooperation with our company, we will prepare for you a proposal for a complex development program for your company, selected group of employees or individuals.


Seminars using the Enneagram system

Map of Human Behaviour
Enneagram Interviews
The Enn & Communicaton
The Enn & Feedback
Team Management
Leadership & Enneagram
The Enn & Conflicts

Seminars focused on developing the emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership - Coaching
Conflict Solution