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We specialize in emotional intelligence and personal development. VEVA CZ is a training and consulting company developing human potential, increasing performance and motivation in people. Our mission in organizations is to open and co-create space for the development of human potential and environment, in which needs of an individual and the organization emerge.


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VEVA CZ activates an organization vision, brings new perspectives, opens communication and offers a possibility of a real change from the inside out.
VEVA CZ works with PEOPLE who are the main capital of today's organizations, who are in positions of leaders, managers, businessmen, consultants and specialists.
VEVA CZ offers flexible and personalized tools to develop emotional and social skills in personal and also professional life. VEVA CZ teaches personal, team and economic responsibility. We accompany and coach our clients, we train and facilitate teams, we activate organizations and accompany them through undergoing changes.
We invite you on a journey to a personality wealth. We will be your guides, coaches, trainers, mentors and partners.


What makes VEVA CZ so unique on the market? 


"Nowadays, everybody can buy any technology and start producing. The only thing decisive in any success is a human factor."

                                               Jack Welsh, CEO, Ge Group


Your goal or vision will become reality in your self-consciousness on the level of thoughts and feelings. Only enthusiasm and desire can transfer your vision into your life: you can materialize what you already have, not what you only want to have. Consciousness, change, growth and prosperity can be contained in everything you do.