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Competence in a relationship with ourselves
Competence in a relationship with the company
Competence in a relationship with others

How We Work

Your people are the wealth of your company, not only by what they can do, but most of all who they are. They are motivated, open and capable of growth and teamwork. They communicate, share experience and by that they create a lot of success for their colleagues and the whole organization. If you have failed to create a team in your company including such people, problems with performance and work relationships have occurred, people are too passive. They do not communicate. They turn their worries into aggression. They received trust and freedom but they do not take personal responsibility. Perhaps you accepted the people for what they can do but would rather replace them for who they are.

It is not enough to train and practise such people in communication, solving conflicts, team work but especially find out the reasons why they do not want to communicate, why they turn conflicts into aggression or passivity. What leads them to get rid of their personal responsibility. It is necessary to go to deeper personality levels and open up a bit the curtain of inner change which is essential for the external change.