"The greatest value for your life is your own experience"

Time structure:
3 hours
The seminar is designed for:
Everyone considering taking part in our seminars.
  • To discover possibilities for change when developing and working with our emotions
  • To see ways to increase key competences essential for happy life and success in business
  • To learn to work with your emotions while working and in contact with others
  • We will, during the workshop, be reminded the importance of emotions for our work and we will try in several ways how we can work with our customers' emotions and other people in various life situations.
  • Influence of emotions and key competences on our business life
  • Our own emotions and their manifestations in our business and personal life
  • Key competences: responsibility, self-reliance, self-confidence = tools for success
  • Through a series of practical exercises, each participant will experience and test the above mentioned topics in practise.

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