Time allocation:
2 days

The seminar is designed for:
people who work closely with other people on a daily basis - managers, human resource workers, consultants, traders, etc.

• Participants understand other people and use this understanding to effectively manage communication, feedback or changing habits and attitudes.
• A person who knows his or her personality structure and can identify points of his or her development.
• Participants will know their strengths and weaknesses and will be able to gradually work on them.
• Participants perceive their weaknesses as an opportunity to change and increase their potential.
• Participants develop their strengths and apply them in company practice.
• Participants understand the Enneagram system and use it in their everyday business life.

• Self-awareness – habits, limits, potential, needs – motivations.
• Finding and understanding the influence of one's dominant inner motives on everyday work and individual’s actions.
• Finding and understanding habits in fulfilling one's own needs in communication, relationships and conflict situations.
• Getting to know the Enneagram as a system that describes 9 types of personality tendencies.
• Understanding these 9 types and applying this understanding in communication, feedback, conflict resolution, team dynamics.
• Based on self-reflection, discover your own type and therefore style of manager/leader.
• Self-reflection and the searching for a path of development.
• Overview of behaviour and adaptive and negative habits.
• Personality structure and functions.

Price: 6000,- Kč
22.10. - 23.10.2024
Místo:Kudrnova 234, Praha 150 00
Lektor:Ing. Zuzana Kress
Cena:6000,- Kč
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22.10. - 23.10.2024Kudrnova 234, Praha 150 00Ing. Zuzana Kress6000,- Kč